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Welcome to Momentum-Boost, a reputable league of legends elo boost solution. 

Customers are at the heart of what we do, and this is why we prioritise the experience of our clients over everything else. We strive to be the cheapest elo boost service on the market as we believe that the weight of your teammates should not correlate to the amount of money required. In addition to elo boosting your account, our boosters further personalise your order by giving you useful tips and tricks to ensure that you are well prepared for your new elo. Furthermore, our lol boosters are so confident in their abilities that they are willing to compensate you in net wins for anything under 70% win rate. 

Start gaining momentum today, rated 5 stars “excellent” on trustpilot.


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Select your desired and current rank with many custom options including roles and chamption requests!
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Once your order is placed we will find the perfect booster in relations to your custom order. Average wait time is 5-30 mins.


During an ongoing order feel free contact us via live chat or discord for any questions/issues you may have.

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Momentum-Boost is a global boosting solution developed by two previous Grandmaster and Challanger elo boosters. We have both worked within the boosting industry for over 7 years dating back to Season 4.
We first reached our peaks of top 600 on the Europe West server, once we reached these ranks we looked back and realised how time-consuming solo queue can be for the average person grinding, so we wanted to help people reach the rank they deserve and enjoy playing in, without having to spend countless hours and months reaching it.

Driven by this passion, we recently decided that we would like to make our dream a reality and that is why we started Momentum-Boost. Our goal is to provide customers with an elo boost experience they will remember from start to finish. We accomplish this by delivering the best customer service in the market and offering all the privacy features needed to keep our clients safe free of charge. This includes using a Virtual Private Network also known as VPN during each and every elo boost, so that Riot cannot distinguish that an elo booster is currently playing on your account. Our elo boosters also use Offline Mode which prevents your friends from seeing that anyone is on your account and also ensuring that not a single word will be said during the completion of your elo boost order.
As both of us have worked within the elo boosting industry for many years, we can assure you that every single elo booster we hire is trained to a professional standard, so even if they are having the worst day imaginable they will treat you with the upmost respect and go above and beyond to surpass your expectations. We are the only elo boosting website on the market which maintains a close relationship with each and every customer and that can be seen and verified with all of our 5 start Trustpilot reviews. No matter how big or small the elo boost order may be, one of us will always be there to assist and update you to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience.

This website was created with you, the customer, in mind starting since Janurary of 2021 we aim to not only sustain but exceed everyones expectations and evolve the elo boosting scene. League of legends is among the grindiest games when it comes to being on top of others, the competition improves along side everyone else. We are here to give YOU an advantage from another person who was in the exact same position not that long ago, trial and error can be effective but by all means not efficient we give you the efficient factor so you can start limit testing in a ranking you desire!