Frequently asked questions


We have tried to answer the most common questions we receive regarding our services below. If you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

Once you place an order with us, we will allocate it to one of our friendly boosters and you will be given a private discord room with them to discuss further.

If you would like to request a refund, please contact us through our form and explain the reasons for the refund, so we can check if it aligns with our Terms of Service refund policy.

We aim to offer an average of 1-2 divisions per day (24hours). The speed of the service may vary depending on the size/difficulty of the boost.

We always strive to achieve you the highest win rate possible, and to honor this commitment we offer a 70% win rate as a minimum. If our booster fails to achieve this win rate, he will provide you with 2 net wins as compensation.

If you cannot find your desired payment method on our website, please contact us either through our contact form or our email: and we will try to cater to your preferred method of payment.

Elo Boosting is one of the services we provide which aids our lovely customers to reach their desired rank in the video game  League of Legends. Customers can rest assure that our service is outstanding due to us hiring boosters with tons of experience. Momentum-Boost boosters provide Elo Boosting services on all servers namely: Europe West, Europe East & Nordic, North America, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Latin America and Oceania. In terms of elo boosting types, we here at Momentum-Boost provide both Solo Queue and Duo Queue.

Please find a short description of each type of elo boosting below.

When a customer chooses Solo Que boosting he provides us with the username and password of his account after which we allocate one of our tremendously experienced boosters to take over his account and play until they reach the desired rank & division ordered.

When a customer chooses Duo Queue boosting he receives the help of a friendly booster on his journey to reaching his desired rank/division. This means the customer does not need to share his account details with us or the booster. 

We here at Momentum-Boost are determined to provide each and every customer with a memorable and enjoyable experience and this is why we offer our customers the option to choose their booster when they visit us again.  

Yes! However we ask you to not play the queue type our booster is completing, e.g You bought a solo queue boost, please don’t play solo queue but maybe flex or normals are completly fine. 
If our booster is currently on the account and you would like to play, let us know! We will tell the booster to not play at the specific times you have provided.

If you have a valid reason for changing booster we can fill that request and send another elo booster in their place.

For lp gains 12 or under we require an additional 30% on top of original payment and for lp gains 13/14 we unfortunatly require 20% additional payment. The reason we charge more for this is simply because order would take almost twice as many games.

No, you may pay with debit/credit card when you select checkout with paypal you will have an option ‘log in as guest’ or it might say ‘pay with credit/debit card’ select that and enter an e-mail you would like to recieve order confirmation on.