How does league of legends coaching work?

Coaching is probably one of the best ways to go about improving at your favourite video game, especially League of Legends. League of Legends is among one of the most complicated video games our there with an equally competitive pro scene, even professional League of Legends players will have a team coach this goes to show how important coaching really is. In this article I will explain what you might expect after hiring a coach to teach you league of legends.

Styles of Coaching

Different coaches will have different styles, some may ask you to play a game and have them comment on it real time while others might download one of your vod reviews and show your missplays and blunders. Perhaps some would show you a vod of a near perfect player who has a similar playstyle or similar champion pool and simply comment on what he does that you should follow. Most of the time this is all based of your rank and preferred way of learning as different types of people will learn more efficiently with some methods as oppose to others, if you don’t know what would work for you, best course of action would be to experiment.

Whats the best method for you?

When it comes to the majority of people who rank between Iron – Plat, usually the best option is to have a VOD review or have the coach review your decisions real time.

For Diamond+ most fundamentals are already there, now its time to move onto every little decision you make to optimise your gameplay and climb even further up the ladder, when entering diamond you are already placed among the top 2% of players. An achievement most players would never achieve, however you are barely scraping 98% of the knowledge required to hit challenger this is where watching current challenger players in the top and most competitive servers would highly benefit you in addition to extra vod reviews you could be climbing faster than ever before!

Best place to find coaching

As we also offer coaching on our website we will try our best to remain unbiased, the best coaching solution would be to do your research on your coach before hiring. Ask questions like, what rank they have achieved solo and whether they have one trick pony’d their way in, if they have coached teams in the past or perhaps had coached before and seen success in some clients. You can make your own judgement after these questions and see if you maybe want to request another coach or use a different service.

Coaching can sometimes be expensive if you want to find the best coach for you, however we offer a flat price of €10 an hour at all ranks and €15 an hour at diamond+
With our selection of Grandmaster/Challenger coaches and boosters we can guarantee you will not be disapointed.

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