How do i improve my LP gains on league of legends?

The backbone to climbing ranks is gaining LP, no matter how stuck you are you will climb aslong as your lp gains are higher then your losses. With most accounts before season 11 the elo gains would exceed the losses, however riot games has changed this as of season 11 where many players experienced LP gains that would no longer be positive, this can be a massive factor towards demotivation from solo queue and sometimes even giving up, in this article you will learn how to fix your LP gains and how LP gains work – keep in mind this is all speculation alongside trial and error.

Pay to improve LP gains

We can offer a service to improve LP gains using proven methods. We are able to provide up to + 40 lp gains in diamond and even over 40lp gains per win above Master. Using a proven method of dodging promos we would require your account to be in promos for the next division and this could take several days up to months depending on how high you would like your lp gains to be. On average it would take 24-48hours per +2 lp gain and your account would be in almost permanent dodge timer cooldown period. If you would be interested in fixing your MMR and gains please contact whymann#4174 on discord or message live chat support here:

How do LP gains actually work?

LP gains work off an MMR system that riot games has implemented, sounds simple enough, why don’t we just ask riot games how we would fix it?
Here’s the problem. Riot games, owner of league of legends, has never stated how the mmr system actually works they prefer to not release it into the public which somewhat makes sense as people would most likley find ways to abuse the details in how it was written. Heres what we know:

Proven methods to fix MMR

  • Dodge your promotion series
    Yes, dodging your series for some reason gives the player a boosted MMR, theres no series in regular divison upgrades but for league promotion (e.g Gold 1 -> Plat 4) If you dodge these games your rank technically drops while your MMR stays the same, this is highly reccomeneded if you gain under 14lp per win
  • Duo queue with someone in higher elo
    This is a fairly difficult proccess because not only are you playing in higher elo which relates to harder games you also have to win most your games in order for this to work. Be carefull too much duo queue can also negativly impact MMR
  • Win sprees will not help MMR
    Winning sprees for some reason mess with your MMR, as many of you might have experienced this first hand, if you go on heavy win sprees the higher you climb the lower lp gains you recieve. This is because of your MMR not being able to catch up to your recently achieved rank. Unless you are on a fresh account your MMR will eventually slow down.
  • Demoting
    Yes! Demoting is actually a method to fix MMR, this usually only applies if you’re gaining around 8-14lp, these numbers would slightly even out to match your LP losses.
  • Not losing a single game
    Pretty hard to do but this is honestly the best method if you want an MMR on steroids – this is probably the only riot games backed argument here too.

“Winning usually increases the MMR, and losing decreases it.”

– Riot games
Watch this video for a more detailed guide

In conclution

In conclusion we will never know how the MMR system works untill riot games tell us, for now we can speculate and use trial and error to find new discoveries, alot of these methods are regurarly used in order to restore their MMR from a broken state.

Thank you for reading this article!

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