Is Elo boosting punishable?

To shorten it down, the answer is no. In order for you to get banned for elo boosting or getting elo boosted the country that you live in has to specifically ban elo boosting. This has never happened to any country except for south korea where elo boosting can actually be punishable by jail time if caught. South korea keeps track of this by requiring you to provide ID number when registering a league of legends account. Sounds insane, i know, but when it comes to other countries riot games actually has no way of proving if a person got elo boosted, hacked or perhaps playing with a friend who has been on fire for the entire day. Do not worry elo boosting is not punishable.

What if my teammates accuse me of being boosted during a game?

If you are with a booster currently playing ranked and a teammate has their suspicions best course of action would be to just ignore them, nothing will happen to you or your duo partner. Riot games lists elo boosting as a punishable offense which is why maybe people believe boosting to be illegal and punishable with an account suspension, however this is far from the truth. This is the statement riot games provided about elo boosting:

In our 7+ years of elo boosting experience, we have never heard of anyone getting any type of punishment and from what it looks like this will not change at least in the near future.

In conclusion

In conclusion the answer is no, contrary to any beliefs riot games could simply not afford the resources required to hunt down elo boosters and people who have purchased elo boosts,

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